Raining in Paradise

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PipeDream Music


Metheglin play contemporary progressive folk on modern versions of medieval instruments. The music could be termed "experimental", and is a melodic blend of modern, medieval and dance, all underpinned with exciting percussion, driving bass lines and exotic instrumentation.

Whatever we play, it's always fun to listen to and we have fun playing - and it shows!

Raining in Paradise - Review

Raining in Paradise is the debut album of a band with a very distinctive sound and a very different type of line-up. The album was recorded and produced by Pete "peewee" Coleman - more usually noted for his work with bands such as AC/DC, The Charlatans and Echo and the Bunnymen - on his label PipeDream Music.

The album packs a wide dynamic breadth of music within its 16 tracks, you never know what's coming next... slow orchestral to frenetic trance, and yet it delivers the solely unique sound that is Metheglin. So be prepared for music unlike anything you have ever heard before!

"An Absolutely brilliant debut album" Frank Hennessy BBC Radio Wales
"A very talented band"J ohnny Coppin BBC Radio Gloucester
"Oh! Super stuff! Really lovely" "Fabulous, really like that CD" Genevieve Tudor BBC Radio Shropshire
"Eno meets Eurodance!" Donal Whelan - Hafod Mastering
"Well that's pretty damn fine." Chris Evans BBC Radio 2

Metheglin are:

    Pete Coleman - English and Swedish bagpipes, willow flute, recorders and bass.
    Clare Hines - Hurdy-gurdy and hand percussion.
    Mike Gulston - Octave Mandola and guitar.
    Blanche Rowen - percussion and bowed psaltery.

See more about the band members on the band link on the left.

Metheglin playing for a bal in Devon



This is our latest video for Woodsmoke - from our album Raining in Paradise

This was one of our very first videos! and features the title track from Raining in Paradise

We mostly play for dancing and here we are at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff in 2011 playing a bourree called Rundown

A chapelloise medley - with some interesting choices of tune....

2009 and Metheglin is playing for the Bagpipe Society Blowout concert - this is a set of waltzes